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Weight Loss for Life

Hi, I’m Dr. Pete Hilgartner and I’d like to share with you some highlights of my program so you can see if it’s right for you.

But first, let me tell you why I created it…

As a health care provider, I noticed that more and more of my patients were coming in with weight related health issues. (Being overweight dramatically increases the risk of developing other conditions such as, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Heart Disease, Pulmonary Conditions, Cancer and even Mental Disorders.)

As patients shared the latest weight loss fad information with me, I carefully researched the claims made by their marketing material. I examined the ingredients and studied the principles to see if they held up to the latest understanding of physiology and biochemistry.

There were programs that counted calories, programs that sold pre-packaged food, shakes, bars and pills. There were high protein programs, all liquid programs, juicing programs, and all sorts of fat-loss “accelerators” promising to “melt the fat away!.”

I made it my mission to seriously investigate the underlying causes to the burgeoning obesity epidemic in America and question everything I had been taught about what causes weight gain and what inhibits weight loss.

What I discovered is that the simple formula of calories in vs. calories out is flawed and inaccurate. I also learned that simply asserting Will Power will NEVER work, long-term!

The real issue is multi-factorial. The human body is a brain-based, stimulus-response system that works in a synergistic, synchronized and holistically functional manner…much like an eco-system.

As a Chiropractic Physician with advanced training in functional neurology, I look at everything from a brain-based perspective…therefore; it only made sense that I look at the problem of weight loss from the same point of view.

My training also predisposes me to viewing problems of health from a ‘systems’ point of view, rather than a ‘symptoms’ point of view.

With that unique perspective, I set out to better understand the problem of weight gain as dysfunction with the relationship between the brain, the body and the environment.

After all, an obese or over weight human body is simply an out of balance eco-system. The question is; what caused it to get so out of balance and what are the factors that have to be addressed to bring optimal balance (health) back?

If you were expressing your true and optimal genetic potential at this moment would you be…

  • Obese, fat or over weight?
  • Tired all the time?
  • On medications?
  • More understanding and patient?
  • Less depressed and more outgoing?
  • More enthusiastic about life?

So…why are so many of us fat, depressed, low energy, tired, sick and frustrated with our lives?

What I found is that among the many factors contributing to weight gain, a disruption of the limbic system, along with poor life-style choices and living in an ever increasingly toxic environment play major roles in this epidemic.

As toxins accumulate in the cells of our bodies, they also affect our perceptions. The Limbic System of the brain, the perception center, becomes dysfunctional. This leads to an ever more “clouded” view of reality. This distortion of reality happens incrementally and is not noticeable, any more than a kid notices that they grew 3 inches in a summer. It does, however, influence the decisions and choices we make…especially about food.

The body has an ingenious way of handling these toxins. It shuttles them into fat cells. After all, fat cells are storage compartments. They are designed to store energy, but they will also hold onto toxins.

AND…the body doesn’t shuttle these toxins to just any fat cells. You see, there are three types of fat cells in the human body.

  • Essential Fat
  • Structural Fat
  • Non-Essential Fat

Essential Fat reserves are distributed evenly throughout the body and are used as a day-to-day source of short-term energy.

Structural Fat covers your organs, hands and feet. It acts as an insulator providing protection and support to keep your organs in place.

Structural and Essential Fats are both considered normal and necessary to maintain optimum health.

The third type of fat is abnormal, Secondary or Non-Essential Fat.

Non-Essential Fat is the layer of fat that acts as the storage compartment for toxins and excess energy. It causes obesity and tends to accumulate around the hips, thighs, waist, stomach, buttocks, and behind the upper arms (in women), and the upper chest, back and neck (in men). It is the fat that frustrates women who can’t seem to lose the “tummy pouch” after having children, no matter what they do. It is also the fat that forms the “love handles” and “man-boobs” that middle-aged men can’t seem to shake, no matter how hard they work out.

The non-essential fat reserves are not released during normal diet and exercise. They are typically retained as “emergency” reserves and usually only released as a last resort in instances of extremely severe long-term starvation.

Your first source of energy, used in every day activities and exercise, is glucose and glycogen from the blood and liver.

If you need more energy, you will draw on the essential fat layer. This explains why people get a bit thinner with exercise.

If you require additional energy, you will start to deplete the structural fat layer.

This is why endurance athletes and people on strict calorie diets sometimes complain of tender feet and hands. The structural fat layer becomes too thin and pain-sensing nerves lose their insulation.

Once these three sources of energy are used up you will break down muscle for energy. This is called starvation!

Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body. It helps regulate blood sugar, hormones and neuro-transmitters. It helps keep the body in optimal balance as long as the muscle to fat ratio is maintained in an optimal level.

Breaking muscle down for energy is NOT a good idea, yet, this is what happens on most calorie counting diets. This also explains why most people feel weak and tired after being on a diet for a while.

“So”, you might ask, “Why doesn’t the body just tap into the Non-Essential Fat?

Remember what I said earlier about the body being a brain based, stimulus-response system that works in a synergistic, synchronized and holistically functional manner? This means that the body is extremely intelligent and constantly adapting for your highest good…and survival.

Using non-essential fat for energy would release and mobilize the toxins stored within the non-essential fat cells creating the situation it was originally trying to avoid…an overwhelmingly toxic environment, which would make you sick.

The Non-Essential Fat is designed for use when the human species is threatened, and it is only used to help perpetuate the species. An example of this is how women, in times of famine, are able to deliver healthy babies.

Now that you understand how the body uses energy, lets look at how fat builds up…

The real problem arises when the toxic load and excess energy exceed the storage capacity. And the amazingly intelligent design of the body has a solution…make more fat cells. More toxins…more fat cells…and the process repeats as long as the toxic load continues.

The Non-Essential Fat layer becomes the default storage containers that present as belly fat, a double chin, love handles, etc.

When there are excess fat cells relative to the amount of muscle, these cells go from being toxic storage compartments to morphing into cells that actively overproduce estrogen and become neuro-endocrine disrupting cells.

The increased production of estrogen ensures rapid production of more fat cells to store energy and toxins. This is one of the reasons why women struggle with weight gain during menopause.

The increased estrogen disrupts your normal hormone level and also affects your immune and nervous systems.

The net result of this process is an alteration of the Limbic System…the perception center of the brain.

Since the brain runs every function in the body, an altered perception center changes the way the various inputs into the brain are perceived; therefore the outputs are altered.

As this “ecosystem” gets more and more out of balance, the body has to work harder and harder to simply survive, let alone thrive.

In short, an overweight or obese body is a toxic and inflamed body. This explains why being overweight or obese is associated with so many other conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer. These other conditions are all by-products of toxicity and inflammation.

The build up of toxins and disruptive neuro-endocrine process affects the neurology, immunity, biochemistry and psycho-emotional state of your body.

Therefore, any program designed to help you truly lose weight, maintain the weight loss and create optimum health going forward MUST address all of these critical issues.

That is what my 10 Weeks to Weight Loss for Life Program does!

I have developed a comprehensive, holistic and very effective, weight loss and life-style transformation program.

This program is like no other weight loss program in its approach and it’s results.  Not only in the realm of weight loss, but in truly transforming peoples lives to becoming more positive, vibrant, happy and productive.

It is designed to provide you with the coaching, insight, tools and support, as well as the education about the foundations to healthy life-long nutrition, healthy life-style choices, and healthy “accurate thinking” needed for life-long success.

Participants Learn:

How to rebalance the eco-system of their body

The details about fat physiology, why it is so difficult to get rid of that last 15-20 pounds, and how to do it.

How their environment influences their deep perception centers of the brain influencing their relationship with food, as well as all other aspects of life.

How to harness their creative imagination rather than fail with Will Power.

They are guided through a 10-week process of self-discovery and allowed, in many cases for the first time, to clearly define what outcomes they want for their life, and empowered with the tools to achieve those outcomes.

This program is not designed to be the end of your weight loss problem but rather the beginning of your New, Healthy, Optimal Body, Mind and Spirit for Life!

This program has NO Surgery * NO Needles *
* NO Nutrient-Void processed or artificial foods *

Dr. Pete’s Weight Loss for Life program:

tickmark Doctor created, doctor facilitated and doctor supervised

tickmark Addresses the physical, emotional, chemical and spiritual aspects of weight gain and weight loss

tickmark 100% Nutrient dense whole foods

tickmark Cellular level detox releasing (and removing) trapped chemicals and toxins from your body

tickmark Targets non-essential fat for increased energy and rapid weight loss

tickmark Supportive, in-person weekly group meetings

tickmark Education on how to eat and live a vibrant, healthy lifestyle

tickmark On-line community

tickmark Professional analysis of Body Fat Composition, Toxicity Evaluation and Adrenal Fatigue

tickmark Weight loss results recorded and celebrated on a weekly basis

tickmark Life transformation; awareness of self-limiting stories and how to harness the power of your creative imagination, rather than imposing will-power, with coaching to break through barriers

As my warning above clearly advises, this program is NOT for everyone!

It is for those who are REALY ready to make a change in their life!

It is SIMPLE yet it is not always EASY!

It will challenge many of your beliefs, ideas and preconceptions.

It will frustrate you at times and enlighten you at others.

It will be an experience like no other, yet, as Einstein said, “If you want different results, you must do something different.”

If you are interested and would like more information, please sign up to attend my FREE 2-Hour Introductory Class.

This FREE 2-Hour Class is a prerequisite to joining the program.

You will learn more details about the program, the dates and times, as well as the tuition and payment options.

Register to attend a free Introduction Seminar. September,11 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Whether you decide to sign up for the course or not, during this FREE 2-hour introductory class, you will learn valuable information that will improve your health and your life.

I simply ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

This program IS different…but, then again, so are our results!

I hope to see you there!

Either way…I wish you blessings, health and happiness in your life.

Dr. Pete Hilgartner

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